The Importance of Keeping Hydrated

south downs water glass bottle in a yellow field - South Downs Water

Summer is with us at last and if there is one thing we are all taught from a very young age it is the importance of drinking plenty of fluids. Without water in fact, we would not survive! It is the one constant in our lives and has been since time began. There are several ways to source water, but we have found a unique product that is untouched and untreated and therefore at South Downs Water we are utterly convinced that you will not find a purer sourced supply. Hydrate from our bottles, available in glass and 100% recycled plastic, and coming soon, canned still and sparkling water.

Drink Before you Need to

We have all been there, so desperate for water and none in sight. It is of the greatest importance and benefit to our bodies to drink enough water. If we are thirsty, we are already somewhat dehydrated, which can cause fatigue and headaches. If we are exercising, this is the last thing we need. Before embarking on any exercise, we should start drinking plenty of water several hours in advance and then again half an hour before we start. This way our body will be prepared in the best possible way. We should all aim to drink 3 litres of water daily, whether we exercise or not. South Downs Natural Mineral Water can be delivered directly to your door, we have a small minimum order quantity and offer free delivery to both businesses and private homes. There is absolutely no excuse not to give yourself every opportunity to stay hydrated and comfortable, whatever your day entails.

A Great Day Out

When the weather is warm and we are blessed with long summer days, what better way to spend them than a day out somewhere special. This will mean different things to different people, but here in the South Downs area, we are blessed with so many choices and events that we may be hard pushed to choose.
One of our favourites is the stunning location of the Goodwood Estate sitting in the heart of the South Downs and being one of our very important customers we offer a never-ending supply to keep their guests topped up and happy. In August they hold the 3-day event on the Bank Holiday weekend celebrating ten years: Three Friday Nights will be back for one unforgettable evening with ‘King of Ibiza’, Carl Cox taking to the stage when the racing is finished on 27 August. Whilst boogieing the night away you will be able to keep hydrated with our mineral water, giving you the energy to keep going and enjoy the evening to the max! On Saturday and Sunday, enjoy race days with laid back summer entertainment for all the family, including free fairgrounds rides. Our children’s health is of course of the upmost importance to us so whilst you are plying them with the usual treats, ice creams and strawberries, remember to get those bottles of water at the same time.

A Day at the Beach

Nothing quite beats a day at the beach when the sun is beating down, but it can easily all go wrong if we are not adequately prepared. There are obvious problems with tides, red flags, inflatables, sunburn and winds, but being exposed to the sun along with a cool sea breeze can lead us to believe we are cooler than we think. Water is a necessity for survival and a dehydration problem can quickly become an issue, and at the beach, especially where children are concerned, drinking may be the last thing on their minds!

South Downs Water Stockists

We are fortunate enough to have some great stockists supplying our mineral water and therefore out on your travels you will never be far from hydration. The Aldingbourne Country Centre is a great day out for our youngsters, and they have a Cafe on site serving Food and South Downs Water. The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth offers a High Tea Experience, affording a view with a difference. Take some Wine and Water at the Tinwood Vineyard for a real treat or spend the day at stunning Arundel Castle and Gardens perched on a hill in the centre of this historic town.

All that remains for us to do is to wish you happy holidays in this stunning area with all that it has to offer. Enjoy the panoramic view from the Downs to the Sea, Winchester to Eastbourne, keep safe and rehydrate, regularly!