A Certified Water Sommelier’s Review of South Downs Natural Mineral Water

As a certified water sommelier and co-founder of Aqua Amore, I’m delighted to spotlight South Downs Natural Mineral Water – a brand we proudly offer to homes and businesses across London. In this blog, I’ll share my insights into what makes South Downs a special British water, from its mineral composition to its journey from source to your glass.

Natural Mineral Water is the highest standard for bottled water. To gain this status, the water must be bottled directly at a protected source with the source name clearly labelled. The mineral content must also remain consistent and regularly tested. This sets it apart from generic spring or purified waters that have less strict regulations and recognition.

The 90mg/L of calcium in South Downs Water delivers over 10% of your recommended daily calcium in one litre consumed. Minerals from Natural Mineral Water are the most bioavailable of any other food source, making them the easiest for our systems to absorb and use. It’s a natural and efficient way to boost your daily mineral intake.

Sourced from an independent artesian spring at the foot of the iconic South Downs National Park, South Downs is enriched with minerals from filtering through the chalky white limestone geology. With a pH of 7.5 and low sodium levels, it has a beautifully balanced mineral composition and light, refreshing mouthfeel.

Not only does South Downs meet the highest Natural Mineral Water standards, it also happens to be the closest water source to our warehouse in London. This allows us to reduce miles travelled and the overall environmental impact of bringing South Downs water to our customers.

We proudly offer it in sustainable packaging, including glass bottles made with recycled content and aluminum cans using 62% recycled materials.

As a specialist bottled water distributor for over 16 years, it’s a joy to provide our customers with this unique British Natural Mineral Water straight from the protected South Downs artisan spring. The light mouthfeel and sustainable local sourcing make it a perfect everyday drinking water. 

By Christopher Tanousis