Health & Fitness

Running a business in the fitness sector epitomises the need we have in our lives today to stay healthy and look after our bodies, both inside and out. Keeping fit is an expression that most of us are happy to be associated with, and what better way than taking care of what we consume. Many health conscious individuals are far more aware of the source of those consumables, and will only wish to eat and drink quality fresh produce. Here at South Downs Water we can safely say we carry that label with a product that is free from treatments or chemicals, ‘natural’ meaning just that!

Goodwood: Festival of Speed - South Down Water Bottle

You may run a gym and wish to have water coolers strategically placed, easily available to your clients. If you are a Personal Trainer, have a yoga studio or run a football team our 500ml and 750ml Sport Cap rPET bottles are perfect for rehydrating whilst training. They give you the opportunity to offer your clients that personal touch by providing them with the very best water, locally sourced, in sustainable, 100% recyclable bottles.

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