South Downs Water is available through our preferred Drinks and Foodservice providers.

As part of our Greener Deliveries Initiative, set up in 2018, we work with our distributors to try and limit food miles and cut carbon emissions by consolidating deliveries to fewer providers. Therefore, if you are ordering your wine, spirits or food from one of our distributors, why not also order your South Downs Water from them too? It is, after all, very good practice to drink plenty of water with your wine!

If the distributors you use are not on our list please contact enquiries@southdownswater.co.uk. We are more than happy to deliver direct of course, but in line with our policy to protect the environment, and where possible, we like to work with our distributors in a bid to lower carbon emissions.

If you are a Distributor and you would like to stock South Downs Water please contact amanda@southdownswater.co.uk

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