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South Downs Water is available through our preferred Drinks distributors and wholesalers.

South Downs Water can be conveniently obtained from our select drinks distributors and wholesalers.

Through our Greener Deliveries Initiative launched in 2018, we collaborate with these partners to minimize food transportation distances and reduce carbon footprints by delivering through a consolidated network.

So, when you’re purchasing your wine, spirits, or food from our affiliated distributors, consider adding South Downs Water to your order. It’s a wise choice to stay hydrated, especially when enjoying your wine!

You can place your South Downs Water order through any of the distributors listed below:

If the distributors you currently utilise do not feature on our list, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at enquiries@southdownswater.co.uk. Although we are perfectly willing to supply directly, our commitment to environmental conservation means we always prefer to collaborate with our distribution partners to help reduce carbon emissions where possible.

If you are a distributor and are interested in adding South Downs Water to your range, please contact amanda@southdownswater.co.uk to discuss the opportunity. By stocking South Downs Water, you’ll be supporting our ethos of sustainability and contributing to a greener planet.

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