Water Cooler Dispensers

Keeping hydrated is key to good health. A bottled water dispenser and cooler is a great way to support your staff, giving them a sustainable, consistent mineral water supply. Our office water cooler dispensers can also be used at home and are a great alternative to individual bottles.

water cooler dispensers

Bottled Water Dispenser - Eco-Friendly Hydration Solutions

Drinking two litres of water daily contributes to maintaining normal physical and cognitive functions and helps regulate the body’s temperature. Increase productivity by keeping happy, healthy and hydrated with an office bottled water dispensers.

Our bottle-fed water coolers have our 19 litre water bottle dispenser on top, allowing you to drink our finest South Downs Natural Mineral Water, untouched from our source to your bottle.

With nothing added or taken away from our water, you can rest assured you and your workforce are drinking the very best drinking water.

Save time and increase productivity in the workplace by installing a South Downs water cooler. Our plug-in water cooler dispensers can go wherever there is mains electricity. Floor-standing or countertop coolers perfectly fit the space you have. With ambient or chilled water options and hot water for tea and coffee, this is an eco-friendly, time-efficient option for the workplace and events.

Our dispensers are a perfect solution where there is no portable mains water, great for building site offices, festivals and outside events. We also provide mains-fed water coolers, plumbed directly into your water source and filtered through the machine.

We take care of all machine sanitisations and water cooler repairs. Our friendly, reliable team are fully trained to help with all your water needs.

Supplying Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

  • A range of the best water coolers on the market.
  • Bottle-fed and point-of-use (plumbed-in) models are available.
  • Recyclable cups, holders and covers are also available.
  • Our bottled water dispensers are available for purchase or rent at competitive prices.
  • Flexible long and short-term contracts
  • FREE delivery in the South Downs Region.

For tailored pricing and enquiries, please get in touch:

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How It Works

Monthly Rental from £7.50

South Downs Water Coolers are cost effective and environmentally friendly (we recycle and re-use all our bottles). Available from £7.50 a month – cheaper than you think to keep your workplace hydrated with our natural mineral water!


Our bottle-fed water coolers are easily installed and can be located wherever there is a power supply – simple! Our professional, fully trained installers can advise you on the best location for your coolers.


We also supply cups and accessories for all your water dispenser needs.

Water Cooler Servicing

Sanitisations are carried out every three months to ensure your cooler remains clean and sterile. This is an essential process and part of the contract. Prices from £15.00 per quarter.

Repair and Replace

In the unlikely event of there being a problem with your rented water cooler, we will deal with it immediately. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always on hand.

Contract Filling

We offer a complete contract filling service to the water cooler industry. We bottle 19 litre and 11 litre bottles with our high quality Natural Mineral Water and can fill other sizes too.

Our Bottled Water Coolers And Accessories

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Requirements

Whether you’re looking to find out more about our bottled water coolers, or are an existing customer and require refills, re-orders or servicing, simply contact our team and we will be happy to help.

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