A water cooler in the workplace keeps your staff hydrated and happy! They will no longer need to worry about bringing filled bottles into work or going in search of the shared facilities. With increased productivity linked to hydration – it’s a no-brainer!

Businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to keep their workforce productive and keeping hydrated is such an important part of that effort. It has been proven that the intake of liquid can improve concentration levels and physical ability quite significantly, and to that end we are ready and able to help your cause. A water supply in close proximity to your employees is a real bonus and will save the need for constant trips to the kitchen. Win-win all round!

Our water coolers are particularly space saving and can fit into any available space, all your workforce need is a cup or glass! We can supply re-cyclable cups if needed.

South Downs Water Cooler Bottle

We can also supply a machine providing hot water alongside cooled water. If your office space does not have access to a kitchen, or your staff may prefer to avoid communal rooms, this heated machine avoids the need for kettles or coffee machines, giving an instant hot drink in seconds!

We supply the water cooler units and maintain them regularly as part of your contract.

South Downs Water: Water Coolers

Water Cooler Bottles come in two different sizes: 19 litres and 11 litres. These are bottled at the source of our spring, giving an absolute guarantee that the water you are drinking is of the highest quality and has travelled the least distance to get to you. South Downs Natural Mineral Water is locally sourced and rich with naturally occurring minerals. Our water is low in sodium and high in calcium.

We can also supply our water coolers on mains feed, plumbed directly into your water main, providing filtered water.

We deliver across the South Downs Region from Southampton to the West, Winchester and Guildford to the North and Brighton to the East. Our delivery service covers West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and East Sussex. If you are outside this region, you can still enjoy South Downs Water from one of our resellers. These are our out of area distributors.

Please contact our team for further details