Office Water coolers

water cooler in the office keeps your staff hydrated and happy! With chilled natural mineral water on tap it’s quick to refill and easy to stay hydrated. Our Hot and Cold Water Coolers dispense instant hot water for a super quick cuppa – saving time and electricity! With increased productivity linked to hydration – it’s a no-brainer!

The Benefits

Businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to keep their team happy and healthy. Keeping hydrated ensures productivity is at its max in any office.

It has been proven that the intake of liquid can improve concentration levels and physical ability quite significantly, and to that end we are ready and able to help your cause.

A water supply in close proximity to your employees is a real bonus and will save the need for constant trips to the kitchen. Win-win all round!

Bottle Fed Water Coolers


Bottle Fed water coolers are supplied via a 19 litre water bottle sat atop the machine. This means you are drinking South Downs Natural Mineral Water. These machines can be plugged in anywhere making them ideal for the office, construction sites, as well as at home.

Our bottle-fed water coolers fit into most spaces; all you need is a plug socket! We have countertop or free-standing coolers. The 19L bottles are filled with our premium Natural Mineral Water so you and your team can enjoy the very best water – chilled to perfection!

We can also supply machines providing hot and chilled water. If your office space does not have access to a kitchen our water dispenser  replaces the need for kettles or coffee machines, giving an instant hot drink in seconds!

South Downs Water Cooler Bottle
South Downs Water: Water Coolers

Mains-fed Water Coolers 

Mains fed coolers are plumbed straight into your mains water supply. This means you are drinking your existing mains water, perfectly filtered through the machine.

Our machines can chill and heat the water for you, depending on what machine you choose. Allowing you to have the best glass of water or cuppa you can. 

Our Water Cooler Bottles come in two different sizes: 19 litres and 11 litres. These are bottled at our spring, giving an absolute guarantee that the water you are drinking is the highest quality Natural Mineral Water.

South Downs Natural Mineral Water is locally sourced and rich with naturally occurring minerals. Our water is low in sodium and high in calcium, making it the best choice to fuel all of your work activities.

We deliver every week (MOQ’s per area apply). Empties are collected upon delivery. These bottles are returned to our spring, sanitised, refilled and reused up to 50 times making them a sustainable way to hydrate the office.


We supply the water cooler units and maintain them regularly as part of your contract.

All of our coolers are maintained every quarter, making sure your machine is working at its optimal function. During maintenance they are sanitised by our fully trained professional team. South Downs Water take great care with each customer who signs up to a contract.


We deliver across the South Downs Region from Southampton to the West, Winchester and Guildford to the North and Brighton to the East.

Our delivery service covers West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and East Sussex. If you are outside this region, you can still enjoy South Downs Water from one of our resellers.


Please call 01243 376156 to find your nearest supplier or, for other enquiries, email