Keeping Goodwood Guests hydrated at Qatar!

south downs water bottles on display

Our water gives you hydration you can bet on. We all know how important drinking water is to keep your body functioning, in fact most people need 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid a day, especially when enjoying a fun day at the races. 

As an estate-wide water partner to The Goodwood Estate, we are proud that our water has been keeping spectators happy and hydrated this week. Whether it’s purchasing bottles of our naturally filtered Natural Mineral Water or enjoying it when mixed into one of Goodwood’s wonderful virgin mojitos; you can be sure that South Downs Water will quench your thirst. 

man carrying water at event

Exceptional water for winning events

Do you work in events and need to keep your guests refreshed? Are you putting on a festival, wedding or party? If so, check out our stockists and see the places that are already enjoying South Downs Water. We cover West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and East Sussex, so think local and give our team a call!

Did you know?

On the penultimate day of the Qatar Goodwood Festival, we have been thinking about the role of water for horses. Did you know, that while racing, a horse can lose up to eight gallons of water when going the distance to achieve a photo finish? This is 10% of the horse’s water reserves. Much like us, sweating helps cool the horse down; so, staying hydrated with water is essential to keep them in the running. On a summer race day, a horse may need to drink up to 20 gallons of water per day to maintain hydration!