The Importance of Keeping Children Hydrated at School

Child Drinking Water | South Downs Water

As adults, we can sense the need our bodies have for water throughout the day, but children are far less likely to notice the signs of dehydration or the simple need for fluid intake just to function normally.  They are, as it happens, far too busy concentrating on the obvious; work, what their mates are up to or how long until the next playtime! This leaves little time to consider their functional needs. Children are more likely to notice hunger pains as a priority and often the need for water is way down the list. 

How Water Improves Brain Function

Most of us are aware that exercise brings on dehydration and we have a very real need for fluid intake, but the science behind brain function and stimulation is a much more recent finding and one which parents and teachers are fast becoming aware of.  Here are a few examples of how a lack of water can affect our children:

  • The ability to concentrate 
  • Short-term memory may be affected
  • Headaches 
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety
  • Inability to focus for any length of time
  • Moody

Drinking enough water during the day, particularly when our children are at school and subject to high energy requirements both in the class and in the playground, will have a significant impact on their behaviour and learning capacity, the two usually go hand in hand!  

How to ensure our Children get enough Fluid

As parents and teachers, we need to give our young people constant reminders of the need to drink water. It goes hand in hand with any learning they will undertake and will boost their brains with electrical energy giving them the ability to function when it comes to ‘thinking’.  When it comes to school and learning we want our children to excel and be given the best chance possible. 

Our Water Coolers

Our water coolers are perfect for schools, as they offer the convenience of having water at your fingertips.  The fact that the water is cooled is a big incentive for most kids to drink more, as we all know that warm water is far less appealing to the palate.  Our Natural Mineral Water is filtered from 400ft below the South Downs and has nothing added or taken away.  It is enriched with minerals without the need for chemical treatment or processing and you will not find a purer product to keep your children hydrated.

Contact our team for information on how you can get water delivered to your school.  We offer flexible long and short-term contracts and free local delivery.  We use regional distributors for those outside of our local area.