Creating sweet treats with South Downs Water

Did you know that our Natural Mineral Water is used to make a variety of sweet treats? This blog is perfect for all those with a sweet tooth out there, as we delve into all the goodies that use our water to achieve their perfect taste!

Chocolate Ganache Galore | South Downs Water

Chocolate Ganache Galore

If you are looking for delicious dairy free chocolate, then look no further than Noble and Stace. Carefully blending 66% Brazilian dark chocolate with our pure natural mineral water, they create these mouth-watering vegan ganache truffles. Each truffle is hand dipped in dark chocolate and finished off with a sprinkle of crunchy mint sugar or freeze-dried raspberry dust, making it perfect for gifting or as a luxury treat to yourself. 

Cocktails & Mocktails | South Downs Water

Cocktails and mocktails

Our water is served in some of the finest restaurants across Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London but did you know it is used in cocktails and mocktails too? 

Over the years we have teamed up with some amazing restaurants to create signature mocktails using our sparkling mineral water. The ‘Zingy water virgin mojito’ (zingy lime, mint, pressed apple, and our sparkling water) created at Goodwood’s Farmer, Butcher, Chef restaurant, to the ‘Pitch Limerence Softail’ (strawberry and fennel homemade shrub mixed with fresh lemon, elderflower topped with sparking South Downs Water) designed by MasterChef champion Kenny Tutt and his team at Pitch restaurant in Worthing; each alcohol-free treat is deliciously refreshing with our water. 

Our water is also used for distilling Gin and Vodka at Chilgrove Spirits and is used by Wyches Vineyard as pairing water with wine tasting, to bring out the best qualities in their wine while cleansing the palate.

Fruit-infused Water | South Downs Water

Fruit-infused water

If you are looking to make water consumption a bit more fun, then infusing our chalk-filtered mineral waters with your favourite fresh fruit could be the answer for you. Whether you add zesty lemon or sweet strawberry to our refreshing still water for on-the-go hydration or enjoy a little bit of fizz with sparkling water, it is a naturally delicious way of achieving your daily water intake. 

Feeling inspired to create your water-based treats that boost your water consumption this autumn? View our full product range and get creative today!