Truly Exceptional Natural Mineral Water


South Downs Natural Mineral Water is naturally filtered through the deep chalk layers of the beautiful South Downs. Enriched with minerals, it is high in calcium and low in sodium. Untouched from source to bottle, our water is as pure and as natural as nature intended.

South Downs Premium Bottled Mineral Water

Our Source

South Downs Water rises from an Artesian Well 420ft below ground. We bottle at source just outside the historic City of Chichester, near to the Kingley Vale National Park on the Sussex / Hampshire Border.

South Downs Natural Mineral Water is drawn from over 400ft underground, enriched with minerals deep from within the Sussex Downs, it is untouched at source – producing water of unrivalled quality and taste. South Downs Water is naturally filtered through deep chalk layers giving us a delicious fresh water with a truly exceptional taste. It is naturally high in calcium and low in sodium.

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What We Do


Pure Natural Water

Good taste comes naturally

South Downs Water are an independent, family-run spring, supplying bottled water and water coolers across the South Downs region for over 25 years.

We pride ourselves on the provenance of our water, its superior quality and taste – and our first class customer service.

From Farm Shops and Vineyards to leading Hotels and Fine Dining Restaurants, customers love the pure refreshing taste of South Downs Water. There is something really special about drinking a water from the very place that you live and, the fact that The South Downs is an area of outstanding natural beauty, makes it even better. 


Supplying Locally

Cutting our carbon footprint

South Downs Water is working hard to become a carbon neutral company and by supplying our water locally we can keep our carbon footprint at a low level. We deliver our bottled natural mineral water and water coolers with our first class delivery service, free of charge throughout Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London.

Our customers range from quality village farm shops, cafés and deli's to high end restaurants, hotels and events. We also supply local businesses and private homes. South Downs Water's stylish branding is all about local provenance, celebrating the outstanding area that we live in.

If you like to source local, premium products from the South of England then our bottled natural mineral water is the perfect choice for your business.


Free Local Delivery

We deliver throughout Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey every week. You can order as and when you like and as much or as little as you like. We have a small minimum order quantity and offer FREE DELIVERY within the South Downs region.

We are happy to deliver outside of this area but a small charge may apply.


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