Staying sustainable and hydrated in 2022

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Achieving your Sustainability Goal

After COP26 dominated our headlines in the last quarter of 2021, many will be focused on being more sustainable and kinder to the planet. We are passionate about producing sustainable products, that’s why we were one of the first bottled drink companies in the UK to roll out plastic bottles made from 100% recycled materials (called rPET).

We are also excited to expand our sustainable products in 2022 introducing canned mineral water to our range, giving our customers another eco-friendly way to enjoy our naturally chalk filtered mineral water.

Canned water | South Downs Water

Staying healthy and hydrated in 2022

Getting the recommended amount of fluid is essential for the brain and body to properly function. Whether you’re out and about, exercising or at work our naturally filtered mineral water provides the fuel your body needs

It seems simple but keeping hydrated can be the last thing on busy minds, that’s why we make getting our products easy. You can get our water delivered to your home, or you can find us at one of our many stockists

Cocktail | South Downs Water

Dry January

Dry January is a great way to start a new year in a healthy, positive way. However, after overindulging during the festive season this can be tough. Our sparkling water is perfect for creating delicious mocktails or infusing our sparkling water with fruits can be the perfect alternative to alcohol.