South Downs Water are Salsa & NSF Approved!

We are proud to be SALSA and NSF approved!

At South Downs Water we take Food & Beverage regulations seriously as we continue to be accredited to the highest standard, year on year.

All aspects of our bottling facility continue to be evaluated and our Natural Mineral Water is continually tested to ensure the product remains of the highest standard.

SALSA and NSF are some of the most respected auditors, so you can rest assured South Downs Water meets the highest standards at every point of its journey to get to you.

Who are SALSA?

SALSA stands for Safe and Local Supplier Approval. They certify that local suppliers are following all food safety standards. Which is an essential part of being a food and drink supplier.

WHO are NSF?

NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation and are one of the most respected independent product testing organisations.