Natural Mineral Water vs Spring water – what’s the difference?

Glass of drinking water with ice
Photography by Giorgio Trovato

Natural Mineral Water and Spring Water are two very well-known types of drinking water. But what’s the difference between them?

Natural Mineral Water

Natural mineral water is the best of the best in the water world. Here’s why:

  • To gain Natural Mineral Water status the water must be bottled at source with the source name on the label.
  • The source must be protected and the water must always maintain a consistent mineral content.
  • It avoids artificial processes to get from source to bottle.

Natural mineral water contains naturally occurring dissolved minerals. These minerals can come from a variety of sources, including natural springs, wells, or even from the ground itself. The mineral content of Natural mineral water varies depending on where it comes from. Here’s a breakdown of South Down Water’s mineral content:

Mineral composition of South Downs Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water Vs Spring Water

Many people choose mineral water for its health benefits. The mineral content of Natural Mineral Water can help improve overall health and well-being. This includes improving digestion and promoting a healthy immune system. Some people also prefer the taste of natural mineral water over spring water. 

South Downs Natural Mineral Water

Our natural mineral water is enriched with minerals from the years of natural filtration through the deep chalky layers of the South Downs. The South Downs Water artisan spring is located 420ft below ground level in South Downs National park, and holds the prestigious ‘Natural Mineral Water Status’. This means, unlike spring water, our water is filtered by nature and remains untouched from source to bottle (or CAN now that our infinitely recyclable canned water range has launched).

Our natural mineral water status is possible due to the deep chalky layers of the South Downs, which naturally filters and maintains a stable composition without the need for any artificial treatments (aside from the bubbles we use to create our sparkling water range). South Downs Water is low in Sodium (Na) with a mineral content that is naturally high in Calcium (Ca2+) and Magnesium (Mg2+) and has a pH neutral value of 7.5. This composition can help to restore balance within the body, by buffering acids and promoting a healthy mineral intake whilst keeping you hydrated.

Spring Water

Spring Water is the statutory name for water which comes from a single non-polluted groundwater source. Unlike natural mineral water, there is no formal recognition process required although it must still be registered with the local authority.

Unlike natural mineral water, spring water doesn’t contain any naturally occurring minerals. It may, however, contain trace amounts of minerals from the rocks and soil where it originated. Spring water has to go through UV and cleaning processes to make it microbiologically safe to drink. 

So, why choose anything else but the very best? Natural mineral water is as pure and as natural as nature intended. With South Downs Water the nearest Natural Mineral Water source to the South and London, not only are you drinking exceptional bottled water but you are also drinking one that has travelled the fewest miles to get to you. Our water comes in 100% recycled plastic bottles, glass and even cans!

At South Downs Water, we take pride in offering our customers high-quality, naturally sourced natural mineral water with the planet in mind.