Hydration Tips For The Festive Break

Drink More Water.jpg

It’s that time of the year – the Christmas and office parties are being rolled out, and invitations for drinks and supper parties are flying in from friends and family and we all enjoy a good festive tipple or two!

What if we could indulge and wake up in the morning feeling as fresh as a daisy instead of that dreadful ‘morning after’ feeling? The simple answer here is HYDRATION.

Our tops tips for staying hydrated and sparkly this festive season are….

  • Drink as much water as possible before, during and after the big night. 6 – 8 glasses is recommended throughout the day. Prevention is always better that cure. This will pay dividends later!
  • Try and limit the amount of alcohol or bubbles you take in. Alcohol is the worst culprit for dehydration, zapping all the water in your body
  • Our brain tissues are mostly made of water, so dehydration has the effect of shrinking the tissue, creating that painful headache we all know so well!
  • Intersperse alcoholic drinks with a glass of water throughout the night
  • If you prefer sparkling water, this is just as effective as still water. So swap the tonic for some H20 sparkles
  • Alcohol is a diuretic so you will have lost a lot of water you have already drunk throughout the night. Take a bottle of water for the taxi home and one for the bedside table!
  • Even if you feel fine in the morning after heavy drinking, your body will still require lots of replacement fluid so drink up and keep that bottle of water with you all day!
  • In the morning start the day with a large glass of refreshing South Downs Natural Mineral Water and you’ll be back to feeling the Christmas sparkle sooner than you think!

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