Make Your Workspace Safer and More Efficient Post-Covid

The light at the end of the tunnel; a famous phrase that we are now all familiar with and one that is being used with more passion than most of us can recall in our lifetimes!

Moving forward, making plans, re-organising our lives, has suddenly become a reality that has new meaning for us all. As we see our children return to school, we are given the first glimmer of hope that very soon our businesses and workplaces will also come back to life.

We at South Downs Water are passionate about our product and truly believe we can play an active role in the restarting of all businesses, supplying the lifeline of naturally filtered Natural Mineral Water sourced right on our doorstep, without any intervention from us apart from filling the bottles!


Planning re-opening of the workplace

Although life will begin to look normal once again, we are a long way off from living our lives as we did before the pandemic, at least for the foreseeable future.

As businesses we will be looking for ways to bring our workforce back as safely and responsibly as possible, finding new ways to work efficiently whilst caring for the wellbeing of our staff. A simple trip to the bathroom or kitchen will not be as straightforward as it once was, although, of course, most situations have a solution.

Here at South Downs Water, we can help you to take care of your employees by installing a simple alternative to those frequent trips to the kitchen.

You can have your very own water supply in your office space within the immediate vicinity of your staff. We know that drinking two litres of water each day assists with maintaining physical and cognitive function, which in turn promotes productivity resulting in hydrated happy employees. We would say that’s a win win!


Where can we install a water cooler?

The answer is almost anywhere! Water coolers are incredibly space efficient and we can provide the cooler of your choice, the one that best suits your needs.

If you run a small office, one of our coolers will be perfect, simply fill your own containers, cups or glasses, and keep yourselves hydrated. They can be stationed in corridors, waiting rooms, staffrooms or in a conference space. 

They say it is the small touches that make the difference and having a fresh supply of water available for your customers to access, especially when it is sourced as pure as ours at South Downs Water, is a no brainer for your business.

You may be a hairdresser where clients can spend several hours with you at any one time, or a showroom where customers may sit waiting to be attended to. We can even supply recyclable cups, which are the perfect solution in this situation.


 Supplying Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire with natural mineral water

You can see at a glance the detail of our distribution and what we offer:

·      Free delivery in the South Downs region

·      Available from £7.50 per month

·      Easy to install – you just need a power supply

·      Can also be plumbed into an existing mains water supply, if required

·      Supply of accessories for your water cooler needs

·      Essential servicing every 3 months

·      Flexible contracts

We also supply water coolers that provide hot water alongside cold. You can say goodbye to kettles and coffee machines and have instant hot water available at the touch of a button.

Many businesses have been hit hard by Covid-19 but are ready to come back fighting, even stronger than before. As you think about your needs going forward, we are ready to assist you in this task and have professional fully trained installers who will advise on the best location for your cooler.

We also supply packs of water to offices and factories, which is great for staff on the go and for meetings. If you would like more information, or to arrange delivery to your workplace, please call us on 01243 376156.

Help us in our mission to become one of the UK’s most recognised premium Natural Mineral Water brands; we will not let you down!

Contact our friendly team to chat through your water cooler requirements.