South Downs Water supports the Fresh2o Schools Campaign

With a big thanks to Hickstead, South Downs Water and those of you who bought a bottle of the refreshing mineral water at the Hickstead Events in 2015, we are now about to help give clean water and sanitation and hygiene education to 5 schools in the Haute Matsiatra Region part of the Ambalavao District in Madagascar – part of the Fresh2o Schools Campaign.

The schools will be given the giant buckets they need to house the river water prior to filtration and small ones with lids to keep the clean filtered water once the water has filtered through the filters we are sending them. The teachers and children will be taught how to use the filters, general maintenance and all about hygiene, simple things we take for granted like washing their hands and cups using the clean water and not to cross contaminate the water sources. The water they have access to is really life threatening in Madagascar.

These projects really are making a difference. We have reports now that children turn up to school to be educated as they are no longer sick, the teachers are there to teach them as they are not sick. This really is a good way for new generations to help themselves out of poverty with our hand-up.


These 5 primary schools have a total of 1,261 pupils:
Mazava Atsinanana = 100 pupils
Soatanana = 187 pupils
Tanamarina = 565 pupils
Tombontsoa Manolotrony = 100 pupils
Tsaramandroso = 309 pupils