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A moment in time we have all been waiting for, socialising with friends and family and celebrating that most natural of human needs, togetherness. We are now able to enjoy the company of others again and possibly celebrate missed occasions in style. You could be planning a party to top all parties or simply getting back outside to enjoy the summer warmth with a BBQ. However we plan the months ahead we need more than anything to feel enriched!

South Downs Water is Not Just Any Water

The purity of South Downs Water is in itself legendary, but you may be surprised to learn that it is also used as a base for other products. Not least of these the distilling of Gin at Chilgrove Spirits, and who doesn’t love a quality G&T? Don’t worry, if Gin isn’t your tipple, they also distil a premium Chilgrove Vodka of the highest quality. The choice is yours, and whether you drink it simply as it comes or impress your guests with premium cocktails, you can be safe in the knowledge that on both counts the water used in the process could not be purer.

No contest then, get mixing!

Gin Cocktails

  • Chilgrove Signature Gin mixed with either tonic or South Downs Sparkling Water and a big squeeze of fresh lime juice – finish with ice and a lime twist to garnish
  • Limoncello Gin Cocktail – Equal parts of gin and limoncello topped with South Downs Sparkling Water over ice and finished with a lemon wedge
  • Elderflower Gin Cocktail – Equal parts of gin and elderflower cordial topped with cloudy apple juice over ice and a twist of lemon
  • Chilgrove Bramble Gin Fizz – Top the gin with a good squeeze of lemon juice, sugar syrup and South Downs Sparkling Water

Vodka Cocktails

  • Cosmopolitan – A large measure of Chilgrove English Vodka, a splash of orange liqueur, lime juice and 50ml of cranberry juice, all shaken over ice and served with a twist of lemon
  • Screwdriver – Freshly squeezed oranges poured over ice cubes, a good measure of smooth Chilgrove Vodka with a dash of Angostura bitters and orange slice to garnish

What about refreshments for little ones, designated drivers or those who wish not to drink alcohol? A special occasion or celebration calls for something a bit special, but the twist being these drinks are made with our pure South Downs Sparkling Water, making them a healthy choice but with the added bonus that nobody needs to miss out!


  • Fruit Sangria – Wedges of red apples, yellow melon, redcurrants and berries topped with South Downs Sparkling Water, sugar, ice and a slice
  • Watermelon Spritzer – blended watermelon, a squeeze of lime, fresh mint, ice and South Downs Sparkling Water, finished with a slice of lime
  • Pineapple Surprise – Fresh pineapple blended with a thumb sized piece of ginger and South Downs Water, finally a squeeze of lime juice and twist to garnish. The ginger gives this mocktail a little punch and the added benefit of a healthy supplement!
  • Raspberry and Mango Fool – mash the fruit to a pulp, add a squeeze of lime and orange and top with South Downs Sparkling Water. Save a few raspberries for decoration

A Trip to a Vineyard will help you Celebrate

Now we can get out and about safely how do we choose what to do next? A Wine Tour and tasting at a local vineyard seems to be high on the list, making it a great choice for celebrating that special occasion or just treating yourself. It makes perfect sense therefore that these local vineyards choose to pair their beautifully handcrafted wines with our Natural Mineral Water, both feeding from the same terroir and complementing each other perfectly! We challenge you to find a better way of using your down time than sitting with a glass of chilled wine whilst contemplating the beauty of row after row of grape vines, in the stunning region of the South Downs.

Tours available:









Ashling Park Vineyard

We hope we have given you some ideas of how to make the most of the coming months, possibly something you haven’t tried before but will vow to do again! At South Downs Water we are committed to supplying the very best quality we can and our association with Chilgrove Spirits and the above-named vineyards is something we are very proud to be part of.

Happy Celebrations!