The Greener Delivery Initiative

South Downs Water’s Greener Delivery initiative was developed and rolled out over the last few years as part of our wider sustainability portfolio to reduce any unnecessary road miles and reduce our carbon footprint.

Protecting the South Downs is one of our priorities.
Protecting the South Downs is one of our priorities.

After an unpredictable six months, we completely understand how tricky it can be to gauge stock levels as the world slowly begins to reopen. 

As a result, we have noticed a slight increase in the frequency of smaller orders being placed. In line with our Greener Delivery initiative, we encourage customers to consider placing larger orders less frequently wherever possible to reduce any unnecessary road miles and help up to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

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About the Greener Delivery Initiative

The Greener Delivery Initiative stretches across our entire range of products from our glass 330ml bottles through to our office water coolers. 

Working to our Greener Delivery initiative means that we: 

  • Work with our customers to increase the minimum order quantities and reduce the number of delivery runs.
  • Only deliver with our own vans within a 50 mile radius – for the most part to our South Coast community.
  • Use haulage networks for orders from further afield. This means deliveries travel on lorries that would already be travelling in the right direction to avoid duplicating a long journey. 

For any further information, or to place an order, the friendly team at HQ is ready to help. Contact us on or 01243 376156. 

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