South Downs Water Door-to-Door Delivery

South Downs Water FREE local delivery

Well “Dry January” certainly wasn’t dry for us! At South Downs Water we have just had our busiest January on record! South Downs Water is literally saturating (see what we did there) the local area.

South Downs Water Co. are working hard to becoming a carbon neutral company and by supplying our water locally we can keep lowering our carbon footprint.

Why buy water that’s travelled hundreds of miles to get to you when you have incredible, high quality natural mineral water right on your door step.

NEW! Door–to-door Delivery

We can now deliver South Downs Water to your home. If you like having bottled water in the home but don’t like lugging it from the supermarket – buy direct! Call us on 01243 376156 and as long as you order 2 cases per delivery (and you are in our delivery route), we will deliver it, to your door, FREE of charge. Brilliant!