Chilgrove Dry Gin distilled with South Downs Mineral Water

Chilgrove Dry Gin

Wow! What an amazing start to 2015 we are experiencing, Happy New Year all! A record of sales in October, November 2014 was surprising enough but to see this follow into a reasonably cold January, we are delighted. Our sales team have celebrated with a glass or two – lightly sparkling, of course! 

This year sees some very exciting customers joining us on bespoke labels and our own brand. Local to local selling is working very well and their support is vibrant and never ending. We continue to support local events, this month we have been happy to hydrate the runners of the Sussex Trail Event.  

The importance of drinking water continues through the winter months, dry skin conditions, dehydration all need fluid from within to help combat, as well as moisture on the outside. ‘Dry January’ is nearly over! Hopefully this wasn’t misunderstood by too many to mean the Dry Gin was the answer to this month’s trend! Although, talking of Gin, we are enjoying watching a great ride of success with the Chilgrove Spirits company, situated just a few miles from Water HQ!

Chilgrove Spirits now proudly uses our South Downs Mineral Water in their distilling process, making the fresh taste of their product stand out from the crowds as "The Gin for all Seasons". Handcrafted using traditional methods and distilled with natural mineral water filtered through the very chalk South Downs which surround Chilgrove; this fine London Dry Gin marries only the finest botanicals together with a neutral spirit distilled from grapes.

Cheers Chilgrove, here’s to future years together!