South Coast Mineral Water Company Changes Name

South Downs Water

This month we changed our company name to embrace the heritage of our Spring, we are now South Downs Water Co. We are very proud of our beautiful South Downs, it made sense to have this company named after them.

Bottled water has many forms. From tap water, filtered water, spring water and mineral water – all hydrating but none with a cleaner, purer taste than natural mineral water. It really is the best water around!

South Downs Water Natural Mineral Water is our brand. Fresh, minimal and stylish, the water can be enjoyed still or lightly sparkling.

So, while you’re reading this are you thinking of places locally to you that don’t stock our natural mineral water? Let us know, where you would like to see it being sold and enjoyed. Maybe it’s an office water cooler, local gym, farm shop, restaurant or pub. Get them to follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook – we’ll take it from there...