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Premium Bottled Natural Mineral Water

We use the finest quality Glass and PET as we want the quality of our bottles to reflect the premium quality of our water within.
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  • premium quality

  • natural mineral water

  • bottled at source

  • exceptional purity

  • delivery available

Pure perfection in a bottle

The deep chalk layers of the South Downs filter our water to exceptional purity. Our bottled natural mineral water is untouched from our source to your bottle for a distinctively pure and refreshing taste.

All of our PET (plastic) is BPA free and the PET in our bottles is the friendliest there is. It is the most easily recycled, an important message that we are keen to get across. Our Glass is also 100% recyclable.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

To buy or find out more about our bottled water, simply contact our team and we will be happy to help.

01243 376156

We chose South Downs Water to be served in our Flagship boutique at The Burlington Arcade, London, due to it being a natural mineral water with exceptional taste and is truly delicious.
— CHRISTIAN MARTIN, Executive Assistant to Roja Dove

*Please call us on 01243 376156 to see if you qualify for our Free Local Delivery Service

*2 Pack MOQ applies per local delivery

*If you are ordering from outside our delivery area we will let you know the MOQ.
A small delivery charge may apply.